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  • Oct. 07, 2012

    UDHA FORA Seminar


    You're invited to attend the UDHA FORA to be held on:
    • October 12, Teacher's Camp, Baguio City
    • October 27, Calamba City
    • November 16, Cebu City
    • November 23, Davao City

    UDHA FORA Programme

    Memorandum Circular

    For more info:
    RA 7279 Conference
    UDHA-FORA Facebook Page

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    • Lina Law Brochure

      Download the summary of the Lina Law, also known as the "Urban Development and Housing Act of 1992"

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    • R.A. 7279

      "The Act lays down the groundwork for a comprehensive and continuing urban development and housing program. It addresses the right to housing of the homeless and underprivileged Filipino people"

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Welcome to the Official Website of Former Senator Joey Lina!

I decided it was time to put up a website dedicated to my life-long advocacies, particulalry on urban development and housing, anti-hazing, youth and sports, science and technology, among others.

For many years, the LINA Law has been blamed by some misinformed sectors for the proliferation of squatters and some landowners think that their problems in dealing with squatters occupying their land stems from the Lina Law. But these misconceptions have no legal basis at all as attested by several Supreme Court Decisions citing provisions of R.A. 7279.

It is my fervent hope that public and private organizations, stakeholders, landowners, and other individuals will learn how to use this law through this site, to pursue their rights and privileges particularly on housing, as guaranteed in our 1987 Philippine Constitution and in our international declarations and treaties.

And of course, there are other 30 laws which I have authored while in the Senate, which are still relevant up to now, such as the anti-hazing law, the creation of the Philippine Sports Commission, and others, as well as other special projects I initiated, which I have included in this website for the easy access of all concerned citizens.

Mabuhay po kayo!

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